What is simulation? Why do we use simulation?

The “simulation” word derived from a latin origin word and means "imitation, similar" when etymology is examined.

Simulation – very broad term – can be defined as methods and applications to imitate or mimic real systems. Simulation applies in many fields and industries.

Computer simulation refers to methods for studying a wide variety of models of systems. With computer simulation:

  • You can numerically evaluate on a computer

  • Use software to imitate the system’s operations and characteristics, often over time

With simulation, problems can be detected with minimum time and resources and solutions can be produced.

See the effects of your industrial decisions before implementing.

Regardless of the size of your company or your process, modeling a specific process will help you to analyze how you can improve the process and make the right decisions. With simulation software, you can see the impact of your decisions before any financial loss occurs, and you can manage your business with these supported decisions.

Simulation provides the ability to answer the following questions:

  • When should we increase or reduce resources?

  • How can I demonstrate my findings to the organization?

Simulation provides the ability to:

  • Monitor, analyze, and better understand process behavior and workflows

  • Evaluate the impact of failure rates

  • Create models to depict a better way of carrying out specific processes

  • Demonstrate results both visually and quantitatively to enhance acceptance and understanding of decisions


ARENA Simulation software is one of the best simulation products in the world and helps you get it right the first time.

Few business decisions are straightforward, many of the industrial processes are complex. Real power of simulation is in studying complex models. Changes in one area of your business impact other areas. Arena simulation software is an effective way to evaluate the full implications of business decisions before they are put into practice.

Whether your decisions impact manufacturing, supply chain, or customer service operations, Simwell can show you how to avoid risky investments, reduce variability, slash costs, identify bottlenecks and boost your bottom line.

With ARENA Simulation Software:

  • Draw inferences about new systems without building them

  • Understand system performance based on key metrics such as costs, throughput, cycle times, equipment utilization and resource availability

  • Make changes to existing systems without disturbing them

  • Evaluate potential alternatives to determine the best approach to optimizing performance

  • Easily visualize the new or existing system

  • Understand how various components interact with one another and how they affect overall system performance

  • Provide an insurance policy for expected system performance

  • Avoid costly mistakes by making decisions based on gut feel or static modeling

  • Expose the true effect of randomness and variability

  • Reveal value and eliminate wasteful bottlenecks in existing processes

  • Validate investment allocations

Industries worldwide depend on ARENA simulation software to enable business process improvement:

You can download the current trial version of the ARENA program from the link below.