Who is this training for?

  • SME business partners and professionals who want to improve their business processes

  • Academicians who want to model with ARENA

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who will use ARENA in term project or final thesis

  • Students and groups who want to take private lessons about ARENA

Training Objectives

  • Learn how to capture a process with simulation.

  • Understand what it takes to move from a description of your process to a simulation of your process.

  • Understand why you need to simulate.

  • Understand the kinds of questions and answers you can get from the use of Arena.

  • Leave with sound practical advice for how to succeed with simulation.

  • Have hands-on experience with Arena.

  • Be able to use Arena in your first simulation project.

ARENA Training Content 


1. Introduction to discrete event simulation

  • Applications

  • Advantages and limitations

  • Simulation project methodology

  • Event calendar and implications

  • Common statistic distributions

  • Familiarisation with Arena

2. Using Basic Process Modules

  • Entities

  • Attributes

  • Resources

  • Queues

  • Variables

  • Create, Dispose, Process, Decide and Assign modules

  • Seize-Delay-Release notion

  • Basic animation

  • Run setup

3. Sets and Schedules

  • Resource schedules

  • Arrival schedules

  • Sets

4. Making decisions with simulation

  • Variable Input, Variable Output

  • Confidence Intervals

  • Terminating vs. Steady-State systems

5. Input Analysis

6. Other Arena tools

  • Input Analyzer

  • Process Analyzer

  • OptQuest Optimization tool

7. Model Design - Process Modeling

  • Seize-Delay-Release from the advanced process panel

  • Separate, Batch and record modules

  • Queue Ranking

  • Failures

  • Statistics

  • Station and Route from the Advanced transfer panel

  • Routing animation

  • Expressions and arrayed variables

  • Importing data from an external file

  • Advanced use of sets

  • Buffer zone modeling

8. Introduction to advanced modeling techniques

  • Modeling material handling devices

  • Material handling animation

  • Triggering events using the Hold and signal modules

  • Model hierarchy

  • Reading entity attributes from an external file

9. Modeling and analysis of complex systems through case studies

10. Animation of ARENA models

Resources used in ARENA Training


Simulation with Arena,  W. Kelton  -  Book Website:

Arena website:

Reference books for simulation

  • Kelton, Sadowski, Swets, Simulation with Arena 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, 2010

  • Rossetti, Simulation Modeling and Arena, John Wiley & Sons, 2010

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